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Start Date : March  2014


Further, to make SGNP air and noise  pollution free, the group started a “Cycle on Rent” project in October 2011, by donating cycles,  as an option to the visitors to the Park. For a nominal fee, the visitors and especially the youth found a great environmentally and healthy option of seeing the Park.  The project was a such a great success that the SGNP administration started a full fledged facility of Cycles on hire and is generating resource for the Park

Around 1850 Advisasi families have been residing for many years in  the different padas in the SGNP and occupying 350 acres of the forest land in the centre. They do not have access to water, electricity and other basic facilities.  From February 2014 RiverMarch has been suggesting the rehabilitation of the Adivasis in a 50 acres of the park which is closer to the Western Express Highway with proper facilities to enable them to lead a dignified life with chances of getting good education and job opportunities. Man and animal conflict can be avoided . 250 acres of land will be freed for the animals once again discussions with the authorities are on

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