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Start Date : January 2016


In January 2016, RiverMarch conducted “RIVERSE” – A full day Workshop & Exhibition held at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mahim where experts, top officers of some business houses working in the area of water and general public were  all were invited along with various stake holders connected to the Dahisar river & college students. Also a 3D model of Dahisar River was presented to the public to get connected with the river. The workshop was led by none other than Waterman of India - Dr. Rajendra Singh. From this workshop, RiverMarch got its biggest gift in form of blessings and full support of Dr. Rajendra Singh. 

A big confidence booster to convince every  River Marcher of getting the rivers back. This helped in creating huge awareness among the officials of MCGM, students, public and media on the serious conditions of the rivers. INHAF and WATER ENVIRONS have played a major role during every step of the River March journey by the conducting the RIVERSE Exhibition and supporting River March Walks and River Utsav

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