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Start Date : June 2015


River March has always been in the forefront in planting Trees for past five years.  It has permission from MCGM to plant 10000 trees along Western Express Highway from Dahisar to Bandra.  It has planted a large number of trees in the Highway and has tried with other organizations like Global Parli Project run by Mr. Mayank Gandhi under the banner #1crore trees and Mr. Subhajit Mukherjee of Mission Green Mumbai in planting trees in many gardens, Housing Societies, Schools and Colleges

River March has been creating awareness on the importance of planting only indigenous trees  suitable to the soil found in Mumbai and to avoid the exotic foreign trees which cannot survive in this soil and climate.

River March has been campaigning against the illegal tree cutting and in the recent meeting with Mr, Aditya Thackeray, Minister for Tourism and Environment presented a proposal of Geo tagging all the trees of Mumbai so that they can be tracked . 

It brought to the notice of the Minister about the illegal cutting of trees and to take strict action on the illegal advertisements banners, nails and lightnings on the trees. All these were killing the trees and harming the environment .

River March requested the Minister to issue orders to MCGM officials to instruct the contractors to follow the policy issued by MCGM on correct trimmings of the trees, the necessity to provide tree basins around the trees and to protect and nurture all the trees.

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