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Start Date : February 2018


After the catastrophic floods in Mumbai in July 2005 the Government of Maharashtra had set up the Chitale Commission to study the above and suggest remedial measures to prevent any similar event in the future.  As per the Chitale Commision report in 2006, strong recommendation was made for construction of check dams on rivers to prevent flooding. Till 2019 no action was taken, so River March worked relentlessly with the State Government Ministers and officials and received permission for the construction of check dams on Dahisar and Poisar rivers. Further permission  was sought from Mr, Anwar Ahmed, who is the Chief Conservation officer and Director of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivli as this dam is in their territory. Once received then permission from the MCGM officials as the check dam needs the support of the opposite walls. 

After continuous follow up of 140 days with the permissions in hand RiverMarch sought sponsors and thanks to the efforts of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and Art of Living Foundation, the first dam was constructed on Dahisar river just outside the Park.  

After the last monsoon, this check dam is storing five crore litres.  As a result , marine life has become very active in that area, birds have returned for fishing, deers are seen drinking water and most important the water from the dam is percolating underground as a result of which the underground water table has risen in the surrounding areas.

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