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With Municipal commissioner Mr. PRAVIN PARDESI

Start Date : 2018


Series of meetings were held with the Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Pravin Pardeshi in his office.  The first one was in August 2018 where issues of pollution of Dahisar and Poisar rivers were raised.  The illegal Tabelas as well as the killing of male calves were discussed. 

The second meeting was held in August 2019 for the continued pollution of Dahisar and Poisar river.  Under the ROAD MARCH banner proposals for using the vacant octroi naka plots as Integrated Transport Hub as discussed.  The Project details for the Integrated Transport Hub done by the students of the Architecture college was submitted to him.

The encroachments at Sanjay Gandhi National Park as well as the prevention of  entry of vehicles inside the Park were discussed. Suggestions were given for the use of electric vehicles to reduce air and noise pollution in the Park.  This would also help in reducing the animal deaths by vehicles 

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