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Start Date : October 2018


River March volunteers joined with the Clean up Warrior group along with many other citizens at Charkop, Borivali West for cleaning up of the Charkop lake. The beautiful lake where many birds and marine animals have made their homes was full of garbage and plastic.  All the volunteers joined together and very enthusiastically removed 300 kilograms of garbage and plastic . The volunteers actively contacted the citizens living nearby and urged them to help to keep the lake clean and the surrounding areas garbage free

A group of River Marchers joined other nature lovers on the “Know your trees” nature trail led by the veteran tree lover Dr. Usha Shah. It was a great learning experience to know about the various varieties of trees, leaves and their medicinal value. A very important learning was about the mangroves.  As per Dr. Shah there are only 64 varieties of mangroves all over the world and Mumbai coastline is blessed with 45 varieties with most being in the Borivali swamps

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