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Start Date : January 2017


In January 2017 carcasses of 13 cattles were found in Dahisar river.  RiverMarch volunteers contacted the MCGM authorities and filed FIR against the Tabela owners . They marched  in large numbers to the MCGM R Central Ward office with the cattle dung from the river and protested strongly against this illegal Tabela. This got wide media coverage in the media.   But unfortunately no permanent solution was found for this.

In Spite of the protest in 2017, Dahisar river is being continuously polluted by gobar and other cattle waste which is being directly released into the river by tabela’s nearby, which is illegal as per BMC and MPCB.  Therefore on Gandhiji’s Martyr Day, Thursday, January 30th 2020 , to o highlight the plight of the river and draw the attention of BMC,

River Marchers along with large number of other citizens marched from Dahisar river opposite Sanjay Gandhi National Park gate to the BMC R/Central ward office in Borivali (West).

They held a peaceful protest outside the MCGM office gates as no permission was given to enter the premises . Gandhiji’s favourite bhajans were sung and slogans raised to once again urge MCGM to take corrective actions and stop the river from being polluted. The MLA of that area, Ms. Manisha Chaudhuri met the citizens and assured that immediate action will be taken. Since 2016, a large tabela housing around 1500 cattle has been polluting the river with large amounts of cattle dung (GOBAR), carcasses of animals, dirty water and other waste materials.

River March has been taking up this issue very strongly with the local MCGM officials for the past five years but with no results and hence are now being forced to take this step. Then few members of RiverMarch were invited in by Ms. Bhagyashree Kapse, Assistant Commissioner, Ward in charge of R Central and other MCGM officials. The meeting was very proactive and firm assurances given by Ms. Kapse that within a month strict action will be taken against the Tabela owners and they will ensure that dirty water, gobar and other waste materials will not enter the river. On February 4th 2020,  MCGM issued a formal notice to the Tabela owners to prevent the pollution, dismantled the illegal borewells and  issued orders to install the flood gates to prevent the discharge of waste into the river.


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