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Floating island on POISAR RIVER

Start Date : July 2018


Floating Island is an unique concept to clean polluted water bodies with natural resources. Each float of 4 feet by  4 feet 

 consists of special plants that survive on impurity of water. Team River March took the challenge to try the same concept on Poisar river. River March Volunteers made a 4Ft * 4 Ft float using used plastic bottles and other support material. They put special trees in the same that helps purify the water. This float was carefully installed in the Poisar river.

The float remained in the river withstanding low and high flow of water. It remained firm even during the monsoon period. Energised with the success of the experiment, Team River March reached out to Then BMC Commissioner Mr. Ajoy Mehta who happily granted the permission for a larger experiment covering 200 Meter of stretch. River March team is now looking for partners who can support this initiative financially.

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