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Start Date : February 2014


Further, to make SGNP air and noise  pollution free, the group started a “Cycle on Rent” project in October 2011, by donating cycles,  as an option to the visitors to the Park. For a nominal fee, the visitors and especially the youth found a great environmentally and healthy option of seeing the Park.  The project was a such a great success that the SGNP administration started a full fledged facility of Cycles on hire and is generating resource for the Park

In February 2014, River March took the first step as an initiative to make SGNP vehicle free as the vehicles were disturbing the birds and animals with their honking, tyre noise and air pollution..  They took up the matter with the authorities and suggested the use of electric vehicles. After pursuing for so many years finally the SGNP authorities have taken up the matter seriously and use of electric and battery operated vehicles is being mooted with the onus of running these buses being given to the local advisasis as means of livelihood to them

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