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Start Date : 2015


Throughout 2015 to 2017,  every Sunday River March volunteers were involved in cleaning Dahisar river and making it plastic free especially near Dhobi Ghats just outside Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Very shocking to see the dhobis washing hospital linens, napkins and towels of hotels and restaurants, bed sheets and other clothes in the river using the dirty water.  They were dumping the used plastic detergent bags in the river after use

River March members counseled the members and educated them on the harm to the health of their customers and to the rivers by these methods.  Members worked along the MCGM authorities and local politicians to find a solutions.

As a result of all the efforts, River March is very proud to inform that the dhobis raised the amount of Rs. 14 lakhs on their own and set up a Sewage Treatment Plant.  Now their used water is getting filtered and is being discharged into the river 

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