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Documentary by shri anand udeshiji

Start Date : February  2014


Further, to make SGNP air and noise  pollution free, the group started a “Cycle on Rent” project in October 2011, by donating cycles,  as an option to the visitors to the Park. For a nominal fee, the visitors and especially the youth found a great environmentally and healthy option of seeing the Park.  The project was a such a great success that the SGNP administration started a full fledged facility of Cycles on hire and is generating resource for the Park

Mr. Anand Udeshi, a veteran photographer, and a great nature lover made a film documentary on Dahisar river in August 2014, to show the condition of the river.  RiverMarch team conducted interviews of the citizens living along the river and who had seen the past glory. It took more than six months to complete the film. The film relives the journey of the river from its source in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, moving through the suburbs of Borivali, Dahisar  till it reaches the sea

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