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Start Date : August 2017


In August 2017 Isha Foundation Group founded by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, approached RiverMarch to support them in their All India Campaign ‘RALLY FOR RIVERS” . Their mission was to create awareness of the depleting level of water all over India and what steps that the Government and citizens can take to prevent further depletion of water bodies and rivers and to rejuvenate the rivers and to save the environment.  They came out with the Campaign of citizens giving a missed phone call to a toll free number and to give their consent for the blueprint that Isha Foundation wanted to give the Government for the same.

River Marchers joined hands with the Isha Foundation members and approached Housing Societies , schools, college, Institutions and the general public to spread the awareness on this campaign and motivated them to give the missed call to the given numbers.  A huge programme was held in August 2018 at NSCI stadium, Worli where Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev along with the many eminent personalities led the show to create awareness. Prior to the above event, River Marchers had a meeting with Sadguru and informed him about the work being done by River March to save the Mumbai rivers.  He acknowledged the great work being done and informed that they will give full support for the same

Sadguru led the Rally for River campaign from Kanyakumari to Delhi and handed over the blueprint for Saving the rivers.

Government is working on this programme

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