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Start Date : December 2017


Music is food for the Soul. To spread the awareness on the importance of saving Mumbai rivers and environment  among the citizens , River March adopted the musical way to reach out and RIVER ANTHEM was born by roping in the famous trio of Kamod Subhash for music, Abhijit Joshi for lyrics and video was by made by Sachin Gupta.  Ms. Amruta Fadnavis, the wife of then Chief Minister of Maharashtra was selected as the face of the song due to her image of a present day working mother who is involved in various social activities . The video was filmed among resplendent  and verdant green Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is the source of the four Mumbai rivers.

Every strata of the Society connected with the City participated in the Anthem, from the Municipal Corporation officials, Forest officials, bureaucrats, Ministers, fishermen, tribals, children and also the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis who supported the cause of RiverMarch and also was the first to declare the tributaries of the rivers in the GOVERNMENT GAZETTE as “tributaries” and deleted the word “Nallahs”.  This was the first step of recognition of the importance of rivers.  

The video was very much loved and very popular and was a great way of creating the required awareness among the public on the importance of rejuvenation, restoration and saving of the rivers.

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